Sunday, November 18, 2012

Free Kindle Download

While I'm on here, Bernard Mendillo would like to offer to get a FREE KINDLE DOWNLOAD of his book FOOTBALL, A MEMOIR”

Here's a review of it (although not by myself as I'm in busy college student m
ode the moment!):
FOOTBALL, A MEMOIR is funny, nostalgic, heartwarming and uplifting. It’s about my youth playing touch football in the street—with curbstones and sewer caps for boundaries and my brother telling me to “go deep.” It’s about becoming a Giants fan for life in 1958, after watching the Greatest Game Ever Played on black-and-white TV in my parents’ living room. Today, I revel in the angst of remaining a Giants fan while living in the heart of Patriots land. And then, of course, there is the redemption that was the miracle of Superbowl XLII

So go check it out ya'll! (I'm a Giants fan among a few other teams, so as a fan, I just had to agree to post this.)

Storytime! I have a short story to share with ya'll!

Okay gang, I know I haven't posted an actual review in a while... Maybe I'll post for the couple of books that I've just finished reading for class. I'll work on something for them! In the meantime, remember that last post about the story that I was writing for a class and needed help on? Well here's the finished product!!!

Click to delve into the story via my LiveJournal account.

I hope you all like it, please leave a comment if you read it on here or on LiveJournal. I don't care if they're good or bad comments, but constructive criticism is always nice. Please keep in mind that this writing style is not very high on the Lexile range, it's just meant to be a humorous and slightly fictionalized account of what my April Fool's Day was like this year. I had to change some of it to make the story better or less dramatic, and others to protect names of people involved.

Nevertheless, I hope it provides enjoyment.