Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sorta Like A Rock Star

Okay so this book is special because it's not a series, but I haven't had a chance to read any fun normal books yet while I've been in college and so this is the only one that I've read in a while.

I actually cried when I read this book. It was unreal, I never cry during books. The book can be really sad and I'll just keep trudging through it.

That does not mean that this is a sad book at all though, on the contrary, this book is soo happy and uplifting that it made me feel special just reading it because it's about a girl in high school who is living in a school bus because her mom and her cannot afford a house or apartment unless her mom is dating a new boyfriend who will let them stay there. Amber Appleton is the sweetest girl and she goes out of her way to make others feel at home. She started a club for the "misfits" in her school called the Franks Freak Force Federation and she has a puppy that she rescued from the streets called Billy Big Boy or B-Thrice.

Amber is a girl who goes through a lot of horrible things and through her faith manages to stay happy still and while the climax of this book is an uber downer, you will not be disappointed with this book if you like happy care-free teenagers dealing with life problems in high school type books lol :P... or if you're just looking for something new in-between your vampire reads haha

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