Monday, June 20, 2011

The Devouring

The Vours are evil creatures who take over human bodies and use them to stir up a little more evil in the world. They take all of the memories that the person had before and use them to make sure they keep up the same personalities as their victims. No one suspects anything except for Reggie and her friend Aaron who try to get to the bottom of the stories.

These books are soo good, and almost even scary for me! When they involve a seven year old boy in one of the books, things get really creepy. Without Reggie, all hope might be lost! The books pull you in and make you feel for the characters, as well as make you want to figure out what exactly these "Vours" are and how they do the damage that they do.

Book Series, in order
1) The Devouring
2) Soulstice
3) Fearscape

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