Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Surrender by Rhiannon Paille

Quick Summary, the main character is a girl who feels out of place in the world but when she goes to a festival where she meets a boy at a waterfall who also feels out of place and they immediately fall in love. They go their separate ways and both continue their individual training exercises with their mentors. Kaliel's training is mostly about memorizing flowers and plant names but she'd rather be in the water, talking to the merfolk (which no one else is able to do). She can also talk to trees and animals. His character has more elemental powers, but he has no control over them. Theoretically, if he lets go of the tight hold that he has on him, then they will come naturally to him. Every time he does this though, disaster strikes. They are both sent for more specialized training after going to the Great Oak and learning the parables that will dictate what their purposes in life are to be. Conveniently, they are sent to the same place, figure out who they really are, and must choose to stay together or separate and save the world. 

Well, I got about 3/4 of the way through this book before it expired and I am hooked. I really would love to find out what happens to the hero and heroine. While their relationship is a little over-exaggerated in my point of view, I love this new world that Paille has created. I want to know more about it and I want to know more of the history that it alludes to. If there was a history book available to describe this world, I would snatch it up! The Lands Of Men seem so alluring, I want to know what goes on there and how it is different from the island of Avristar that the characters are living on. The Brotherhood also seems intriguing and I feel like they will come back into the story later, or there will be a reflection back to their being important in the history of the last (1st?) epic battle for land.  Overall, while the love story did annoy me a bit, but that's just because I'm not the sentimental type, I give this book at least 3.5/5 stars. Worth a read, but until I'm able to buy it or borrow it and finish it, I won't be able to tell if it's worth buying or not. 


  1. Hey Stina!

    Glad you enjoyed the book but sad you only got through 75%. You know you can download it again and continue reading, NetGalley lets you do that. If not you can always shoot me an e-mail and I can send it to you!

    Looking forward to what you think of how it ends!


  2. Definitely carry on reading it. Rhiannon kindly sent me an ARC of Justice (Ferryman and the Flame book 2) and I'm loving it. It gets much more intense.

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    RobynLeanne @ Fairytales and Folklore