Monday, August 9, 2010

Ghostgirl, Ghostgirl: Homecoming, & Ghostgirl: Lovesick

Ghostgirl is such a cool book. Its about a girl who spends all summer trying to figure out how to finally be cool and popular and then the first day of school, she chokes on a gummybear and dies right when she finally is about to get to talk to Damen, the local hottie. And that's just the first couple chapters. Ghostgirl, Charlotte, has to go to DeadEd and figure out how to help the rest of her class advance on to whatever happens after they graduate from class.

Scarlet is my favorite girl ever. If I could be anyone from a book, I would be her. She's her own person. She has a huge love of music and can tell when the person recording it is actually having fun and loving the song versus just doing it to do it. She dresses kind of odd at first, but she makes it work for her. She starts out liking slightly baggy clothes and bright red lipstick and this becomes a signature for her, but she makes it work for her. She's just a really cool person that I don't even fully know how to explain how much I love her.

Petula is Scarlet's older sister. She is the most popular girl in school, she's trendy, she's tan, she's fake in many many ways, and she's "perfect". One of those girls. Her sidekicks are two blonds called The Wendys and while they're not very smart all of the time, Petula likes it that way. She knows that she can control them and to be popular, you need a loyal posse.

Damen is the main boy in the entire series. He's gorgeous, into music, and just looking for the right girl to love. He's the boy that Charlotte dies trying to talk to while she chokes on her gummybear and there is so much more I could say about him but it would give away what happens in the other books.


The website is really fun because it has several games to mess around with, a guitar contest, and an audio reading of part of the story. I really recommend this as a twist for people who don't necessarily like Sci-Fi but want something different than your average high school story.


  1. haha choke on a gummy bear! im so jealous! i wanna read ghost girl series too.. but the book is so expensive here. :|

  2. Try it on Amazon or go to your local public library! :)