Saturday, August 14, 2010

Strange Angels

After just finishing the third Strange Angels book by Lili St. Crow, I've decided I'm in love. The way she writes it keeps you drawn in and excited and it's the first in a month or so that I couldn't put down (besides Ghostgirl).

Dru is the main character and she's a kick-ass heroine. She doesn't really care about clothes or money, just about staying alive. She's kind of a tomboy and she can definetly kick some butt! She was raised mostly by her grandmother because her mother was killed while she was still a really little kid. Her grandmother and her share something called "the touch" where they can tell when danger is near and a few other things as well. Her grandmother taught her a lot about what you might call witchcraft. When her grandma dies, she goes to live with her father, who is always gone for periods of time to hunt creatures of the night such as vampires, ghosts, shapeshifters, what-have-you. That is just the background information.

The next parts involve zombies, dhampirs, werewolves, loup-garous (like a werewolf without all the bad side-effects, like the hair), evil vampires, dreamstealers, and more. I really wish I could tell you what happens in the first book because you would be hooked, but I want you to find out for yourselves how awesome this series is!

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